Hunter Wine Theatre

Watch how grapes are maintained, picked, crushed, fermented, blended and bottled on the big screen in the Hunter Valley Wine Theatre, two hours’ drive north of Sydney. Then enjoy an insightful wine tutorial from the cellarmaster.

The world-famous Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region. Harvesting is in January and February, but the wine theatre allows you to see an entire year of winemaking in 15 minutes.

The video is followed by a tutorial from the cellarmaster, who will teach you how to taste front-palate sweetness, acidity, back-palate tannins, and how to appreciate a wine’s bouquet.

Shows operate twice daily, at 11am and 2pm, in the Hunter Valley Resort. Individual reservations are not required, but seats in the theatre are limited. Groups are required to make reservations in advance. The Hunter Valley Resort is in Pokolbin, amid shiraz vineyards.

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