Sydney surf beaches

Watch skilled surfers perform dazzling moves on Sydney’s best waves. You’ll find beachside cafés and restaurants with views of the surfing action. On some beaches, such as Bondi and Manly, you can rent surfboards and other equipment.

If you’re a novice, enrol in learn-to-surf classes at Bondi, Cronulla or Manly. You can sign up for one class or a course. Accredited instructors will also teach you about ocean safety. The Australian Open of Surfing is held at Manly, each February.

Maroubra beach, Sydney
Surfing, Mona Vale

Watch skilled surfboard riders in Sydney

Catch some of the world’s best waves on Sydney beaches. World champion surfers such as Layne Beachley and Tom Carroll learnt to surf on Sydney’s famous beaches.

Even if you have never surfed before, here’s your chance. You’ll find accredited surf schools at popular beaches Bondi, Cronulla, Maroubra and Manly, catering for everyone from kids to adult beginners.

A number of Sydney beaches make the National Surfing Reserves list of iconic surfing locations. They are Maroubra and Cronulla in Sydney’s south and Manly, Freshwater and North Narrabeen on Sydney’s northern beaches. From St James Station at Hyde Park, near the city’s main shopping precinct, it’s about 40 minutes by bus to Maroubra. You can go by train to Cronulla Beach.

For Manly, Freshwater and North Narrabeen, take a ferry from Circular Quay and cross beautiful Sydney Harbour to Manly Wharf. You can walk or cycle to Freshwater and there are buses from Manly to North Narrabeen.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when shopping for surfboards and fashionable surf gear. Shops selling all the latest in beach chic abound near most of the major beaches, especially Bondi and Manly. Tour operators such as Mojosurf and Surf Camp Australia offer surfing tours to some of the best beaches beyond Sydney on the NSW coast.